Past Events

2020 - Resilience

TEDxKids@NMS is an intricately woven web of changemakers yearning to create a difference and break the barriers of conformity. Its theme for 2020 is “Resilience”. The year 2020 is equivalent to a rope tied onto our hand, pulling us into an endless void. The everlasting setback is what we aim to avoid. It is in times like these, where resilience, persistence and strength are the crucial pillars of achieving the state of euphoria, fighting for that one day, far away from this societal dystopia. We bring forth the warriors of tomorrow, to be our ray of hope in these hours of sorrow. They inspire us to get up stronger than ever, because resilience is what’s our companion in this endeavor. There have been thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders who have faced this devastating obstacle. However their art of thriving has been nothing but mystical. So as we struggle to figure this year out, we’re offered a helping hand, by our speakers, who depict what resilience is all about.

2019 - The Future You

The Future You… When we think about our life do we realise how many times a day we say the word “I” ? We need to realise that every passing moment is precious, every passing moment could have been lived differently. We need to start taking action and use our time to actually make a difference in the world. Years of hard work and dedication is the key to achieve the world of our dreams where the environment is clean and fresh , malpractices don’t exist, corruption has stopped and there is acceptance for diversities.Our world consists of unmatchable beauty thus the only way to truly embrace it is by weaving the future well, by weaving the present step by step.

2018 – Wonder... Spring to ideas

Full of groundbreaking ideas and eye-opening speakers, the second edition of TedxKids@NMS will be sure to broaden horizons, ignite thought, and spark conversations. With the sole aim of promulgating individualistic, captivating thoughts and stories, this platform brings with it an extraordinary theme: ‘Wonder…spring to new ideas’. Often associated with child-like curiosity, the ability to truly ‘wonder’ is something most people lose over time, even when wondering is the first and most essential step towards ideating. Wonder provides people with a new lens through which they can view the world, a world sans preconceived notions, conformity, and mediocrity. And a world stripped of stereotypes and presumptions is the birthplace of all magnificent, pioneering concepts which can change the course of history. This capacity to wonder is what we, along with our passionate and ingenious speakers, strive to ingrain in our audience.

2017 – Theme- Compassion

TEDxKids@NMS is a platform for ideas that inspire kids and provide them with the opportunity to tackle questions of innovation, enterprise and optimism. “Compassion” is the essence of humanity. It is about reverence, empathy and concern for others. It accentuates values like equality and humility. And who would be better than kids to make us realize the true value of compassion? As kids are vibrant, sensitive innovators who grow ideas by sparking conversations.